Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy


Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy offers weeks of fun martial art camps throughout the year to keep young minds sharp and bodies strong. We offer camp 3x a year: Summer, Spring break and Midwinter break. Our camps are a great way for children to safely channel their energy when they are out of school. We offer a full day of a variety of martial arts and non-martial arts related activities, games, and projects. The goal is to create a fun and safe experience that encourages children to build good relationships, learn martial arts, and develop self discipline, self control and a sense of responsibility by following directions and playing safe.

Campers can expect a very active day at Twin Dragon. We begin every morning with a stretch and conditioning class to warm up our bodies. Then we do a variety of martial arts related activities, games and art projects. Twice a day the campers participate in a martial arts class led by a black belt instructor. Campers new to martial arts work on the basic fundamentals of our Kung Fu system and self defense techniques. Current students of Twin Dragon work on advancing their belt ranking and receive specialized

More Camp info: email or download Summer Dragon Camp Info & Forms