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Sensei Kathy was so wonderful with my son and had taught him so well. My son is also doing so well in school because it has helped him focus tremendously and has taught him discipline. I am really happy with the Academy.
~ Anonymous, Belmont


Our Style of Martial Arts is a combination of several styles blended into one, which is rooted in the Hung Gar Kung Fu system called the Dragon Fist. Our system is based on the five animals of Hung Gar, which are Tiger, Snake, Leopard, Crane and Dragon.

The students of our Academy will study our system based on the age-appropriate program in which they are involved. It is important to note that each program emphasizes coordination, strength, discipline and self defense through various forms and movements which will build the skills needed for the next level.

The Tiger Tots and Pee Wees start their martial arts training based on Kempo Karate. Students concentrate on improving coordination, balance and strength through dynamic movement. They begin to develop discipline, respect, focus and better listening skills, gaining confidence in their growing abilities. With Kempo Karate as a base the students develop a strong foundation in martial arts on which they can build upon especially when they enter the Junior program.

The older children and adults in our Academy also start their basic training in Kempo Karate. As the Juniors progress and move up in the ranks and their skill level increases, they begin to learn the intricate art of Hung-Gar Kung-Fu. At Yellow belt our Junior are introduced to their first weapon: the Escrima stick. At Purple level and above the students focus on Hung-Gar and the Dragon Fist System.

Adult students of the Academy, although they begin with basic Karate skills they quickly move into the Dragon Fist System. The students work with Sifu John on Combat Aikido, knife fighting, reactionary drills as well as various open hand and weapon forms. Students also practice Escrima (stick-fighting) a Filipino Martial Art which is at the heart of the Dragon Fist System.

All of our students progress in the System by learning various self defense techniques, blocks, kicks, strikes, open hand and weapon forms, incorporating the traditional animal forms and movements based on the Tiger, Snake, Crane, Leopard and Dragon. The various styles taught in our system include: defense and hand techniques from Boxing; various kicks and footwork from Tae Kwon Do; blocks and strikes along with use of your opponent's energy from Wing Chun; arm locks, wrist locks and submissions from Aikido; and from Escrima (sticks) students develop hand-eye coordination and quick reflexes.

Each belt level has its own curriculum and requirements to achieve the next rank or level. Students are monitored and constantly evaluated to see where they are in each rank. Students are tested for the next rank only with the Head instructor's approval and only when the instructors feel that the student is truly ready. We strongly encourage not chasing the belts. We feel it's the student that makes the belt not the belt that makes the student.

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