Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy

Sensei Kathy was so wonderful with my son and had taught him so well. My son is also doing so well in school because it has helped him focus tremendously and has taught him discipline. I am really happy with the Academy.
~ Anonymous, Belmont


Twin Dragon’s fee rates are for monthly classes. Students can attend up to three classes a week for regular tuition. To join Twin Dragon please fill out a registration form and purchase a uniform for $65, which includes a gi jacket, pants, belt, Twin Dragon T-shirt as well as our school patch and American flag patch. Combat class - no uniform, escrima sticks and wooden dagger required for class.

Tuition Rates:
One Family Member $ 135.00 month
Two Family Members $ 260.00 month
Three Family Members $ 360.00 month
Four Family Members $ 450.00 month
Tiger Tots (3-5 years old) One Class a Week - 10 class card good for 3 months $170.00
Two Classes a Week - $120/month
Saturday Only Class $ 85.00 month (no make up classes)
One Class a Week
(Weekdays Only)
$ 75.00 month-assigned class (no make up classes)
Combat Class (Serrada Escrima) $90.00 month (Twin Dragon member add $10)

When you sign up there are:

  • No Registration Fees!
  • No Introductory Fees!
  • No Contracts

Note: You must give 30 days notice for disenrollment from any of our programs.

Twin Dragon is not responsible for missed classes. Fees are due on the 25th of the month for the following month. Late fees apply as follows: $10 after the 25th , $25 after the 1st.

Our fees are subject to change without prior notice.