Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy


Welcome to Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy!

Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy has become one of the most respected and reputable martial arts schools in the Bay Area.

We have been officially operating in San Carlos since 2001, teaching Martial Arts to children and adults for over 10 years.

Twin Dragon is located at 151 Old County Road Suite D in San Carlos between Harbor Blvd and Holly Street. We have been at this spacious location since 2007.

The Academy is 8,000 sq ft, consisting of 3 mat spaces, weight/workout area, changing room, kid's playroom, and 2 viewing areas.

In our lobby area is our Fountain where each student has a marker with their name and color rank. As they move up in the ranks we change their marker and move it up.

Come visit our school! We will give you a tour and set up a free trial class!