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Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy Programs Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy Programs

Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy offers several different age based programs that begin at age 3 to adults.

The four programs are:

We also offer Private Lessons, Personal Training, Cardio/Kickboxing and Self Defense classes.

Our Tiger Tots class is an age specific program that uses the art of Kung Fu as a way to help children develop physically and mentally. We focus on gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The Pee Wee class consists of dynamic movement and drills that increase strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Students develop enormous amounts of self-confidence! The Junior program is a physically challenging class that instills the importance of discipline, respect and integrity. Students will begin to study Kung Fu learning forms, weapons, and self-defense techniques.

Our Adult program is designed to work with students of varying abilities whether beginner or advanced. Students learn the intricate art of Hung-Gar and work on more advance self-defense and combat Aikido techniques, such as wrist, elbow and shoulder locks. We focuses on training you to the best of your abilities no matter the goal you have set for yourself and for you to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.