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PEE WEE (5 - 7 yrs)

Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy Pee Wees Twin Dragon Kung Fu Academy Pee Wees

The Pee Wee class class focuses on developing and improving various physical and mental skills. Classes consist of dynamic movement and martial art drills that increase strength, awareness, flexibility, balance, and coordination. Parents also love our classes because of the discipline and structure that is emphasized by the instructors. Students develop a sense of accomplishment as they move through the ranks in the Pee Wee curriculum. The students truly earn their stripes by working hard on their material, by diligent practice of their forms and by paying attention in class. The students begin basic training in Kempo Karate. We use Kempo to give students a strong foundation of kicks, stances and strikes. This foundation provides an excellent base on which to learn the intricate art of Hung-Gar Kung Fu.

The Pee Wee curriculum is the Junior/Adult White belt curriculum broken down into 4 parts. The program consists of four levels: Beginner White Belt, White Belt with a Yellow stripe (intermediate), White Belt with an Orange stripe (advanced) and White belt with a Purple stripe (advanced). Within each belt ranking, students must earn 4 black stripes before testing into the next color stripe. After a Pee Wee finishes their White Belt with a Purple stripe level he/she is usually around 6 1/2 - 7 years old and that student will test into the Junior Yellow belt class skipping the Junior White belt level.

We recommend that Pee Wees take at least two classes a week in order for them to retain their material and move up in the ranks in a timely manner. It is also very important that students practice what they are taught in class. We do not “chase the belt” here at Twin Dragon. The instructors constantly tell the students “Don’t chase the belt. When you gain the knowledge, the belt will come to you”.

Mon/Wed 3:45-4:30pm
Tues/Thurs: 3:15-4:00pm
Sat 10-11:00 am

Please check the complete schedule for more information on days and times.